We love our cats and we care where and with whom they will live!

We are glad to greet you on website of cattery of Maine coon Von Engelswiese. The cattery is located in Germany and is registered by the International Cat Federation in 2015. The owner Alena Richartz. Currently, the Maine Coon cats are very popular in Europe and are represented in almost all countries of the world. They attract attention and arouse interest in any cat shows.

In European exhibitions of cats, this breed ranks first in the rankings on the number of exposed animals. On our site you will be able to learn a lot of interesting and useful information, see the cats of our cattery, and select and reserve a kitten you liked. We believe, that this breed will leave you indifferent!

Maine Coon he-cats

Fathers of our maine coon kittens

Maine Coon she-cats

Mothers of our maine coon kittens

Maine Coon Kittens

Our maine coon kittens

We are always open to communication and new ideas

In our cattery represented cats have an excellent breed type from the best breed lines of Europe, the level of which has repeatedly confirmed victories in numerous exhibitions, shows and rings.

All our cats live with us, they are sociable, communicative, have a balanced character, well get along well with children and other animals. They get high quality food and are regularly vaccinated. The more important thing is health, the quality of the breed and the character of our cats and kittens.

In our cattery are presented only purebred kittens. We are ready to tell you all the information about each of them. The kitten goes to a new house with a stock of the usual food and favorite treats. If the kitten is purchased as a pet, then before moving to a new house, it will be sterilized / neutered.

At what age can you buy kittens?

The optimal age for acquiring Maine Coon is 3.5-4.5 months.

Why the price of kittens in one litter is different? What is the difference between the maine coon kittens?

The price depends on the quality of the born kitten and the pedigree of his parents.

What should I buy before the Maine Coon kitten appears in the house?

  1. Large tray and filler
  2. Bowls for eating and drinking
  3. Food
  4. Scratching Post

How much does Maine Coon weigh?

He-cat: 6-10kg

She-cat: 4-6kg

Is it possible to get a Maine Coon if there is a small child in the family?

Depends on the time you are willing to give to the child and the cat. You have to keep an eye on both oft them.

Why is the sale of kittens from nurseries to breeding limited?

Some of our cats / cats were bought from other breeders who closed the sale in breeding for some countries and nurseries. I must adhere to the contract that I agreed to when I was buying my cats.

I do not want to breed. Can I buy one of your cats just for pet?

Sure. For this, we always give preference, without showing any additional requirements (participation in exhibitions, etc.) except for timely castration and decent housekeeping.

Do Maine Coons moult?

Yes, they need to be combed as well as other breeds of cats / dogs

In addition to dry food, what can I add to the cat's diet?

Meat — beef, veal, turkey, poultry, except for chicken breasts — all after a three-day freeze, sea fish and cottage cheese once a week. Preserves for kittens or cats. Milk — goat or sheep.

What does the option or reserve mean?

Option — the decision to sell the cat has not been made yetReserve — deposit for 30% of the cat’s price was received

How much is the kitten and what are the terms of sale?

PET: 800€-1000€

Breed: 1300€-1800€

For more information, please contact us directly

If you have any further questions that are not listed here or you need more detailed information, please contact us directly.

We will try our best to answer them.